About Us

The Center for Health Research University of Indonesia (CHR-UI or Pusat Penelitian Kesehatan Universitas Indonesia) was established in the year of 1983, and at present has an impressive national and international reputation.


The aims of the CHR-UI are:

  • to provide health research, training and public services in support of national growth and development
  • to expand institutional capacity to initiate and manage inter and multi-disciplinary health research programs
  • to sharpen and focus research analysis and results, and ultimately to disseminate research findings to appropriate stake holders
  • to advocate the results  of research for policy improvement for the benefit of the community at large

Capacity and Capabilities

CHR-UI has various experiences in planning and implementing different types of research in health areas, including project management. The center is also capable in conducting large scale surveys with more than 30,000 subjects and competent to manage funding up to US $2 Million per annum. CHR-UI has experiences to implement different type of studies including:

  • Rich and detailed qualitative studies
  • Community clinical trial studies
  • Operational research or community development

Other competency of CHR UI is in organizing various types of trainings, seminars, and workshops, attended by participants from different sectors, including government institutions, NGOs, as well as other universities and private sectors. CHR-UI also provides consultancies on programs or projects development including monitoring and evaluation activities, supported by numbers of experts from multidisciplinary fields.

CHR-UI also organizes and conducts various types of training activities, seminars, and workshops in the areas of Interias:

  • Maternal-Child Survival Development and Protection
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health
  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Hospital Management
  • Public Health Approach to HIV Infection
  • Mapping of Sexually High Risk Behaviour Groups
  • Epidemiology Surveillance of HIV/AIDS
  • International Summer Course of Disability  since 2011