Main Research Areas

The CHR-UI involves in a wide range of research projects areas including:

  • Health economics and policy analysis2013-06-19 13.26.45
  • Hospital management
  • Maternal and child health and survival
  • Sexual reproductive health, HIV AIDS high risk behavior, gender violence and sexual  determinate of health
  • Tobacco and drugs abuse
  • Quality of care in health services, family planning delivery and  Primary health service utilization
  • Social marketing aspects of primary health care programs
  • Social and anthropological perspectives of health and social well-being
  • Community and child nutrition
  • Aging and living arrangements
  • Tropical diseases
  • Personal and environmental health
  • Participatory community development
  • Operational research

CHR-UI continues to be involved with projects in the areas of  many other areas related to health, nutrition, and participatory community development. In later areas, we conduct a program on behavioral changes among injecting drug users, and a project for waste and garbage management, both in Depok community in West Java.